Celebrating 65 Years!

About Us

The Foundation

Mission statement


The Conn Memorial Foundation provides leadership and grants to organizations in Hillsborough County that support the educational achievement of children and youth in low-income neighborhoods and that strengthen the capacity of leaders in preschools, schools and social service organizations. The Conn Memorial Foundation partners with organizations that provide social service and education programs for economically and environmentally challenged children and their families with a special focus on organizations within the urban core of our community.

why we do what we do

Our mission comes from a commitment first demonstrated by our Founder and passed down through the generations of our leadership to lift children and families out of cycles of poverty and disadvantage. We believe that education and enrichment have proven the way to stop cycles of despair and failure. Our goals are to prepare children to learn, create places for children and families to grow and thrive, and to strengthen the nonprofit sector and community.


From the beginning, the Foundation has had a clear understanding that our relevance and value is reflected in the number of lives changed by our existence. Through ongoing evaluation, the Foundation seeks to quantify and describe the lives that have been changed over the last 65 years of investments through the Foundation. We welcome your input and stories and are grateful for the ability to continue to meet needs in our community through the generous legacy of Fred K. Conn.

Areas of Interest

  • Nonprofit Educational & Social Service Programs
  • Nonprofit Sector Capacity Building
  • Capital Projects