What We Do

Theory of Change

Continuing the Legacy of Fred K. Conn

Mission:  The Conn Memorial Foundation provides leadership and grants to Hillsborough County nonprofits and schools, which support the social-emotional growth and educational achievement of children and youth in low-income neighborhoods, and strengthen the capacity of nonprofit and school leaders.

Theory of Change / Downloadable

Population Focus

  • Children and Youth in low-income neighborhoods in Hillsborough County
  • Leaders in Hillsborough County’s nonprofits and schools


  • Develop Leaders to Strengthen Nonprofits and Schools
  • Promote Effective Partnerships
  • Facilitate Strategic Collaborations
  • Increase Family Engagement
  • Improve Social-Emotional Growth and Academic Achievement
  • Improve Quality and Success of Programs

Guiding Principles

  • Investing Strategically for Impact
  • Empowering Individuals and Organizations
  • Collaborating Purposefully
  • Building Community Assets
  • Creating Systemic Change
  • Measuring Programs with Data Driven Strategies


Education Pipeline Initiatives

Early Childhood Collaboration

Support the formation and development of a Community Support Organization for Hillsborough County.

  • Focus Birth – 5 years
  • Planning
  • Coordination
  • Advocacy

Tampa Preschool Partnership

Support early education programs serving low-income children and families.

  • Focus Birth – 5 years
  • Convene a learning community
  • Resource development
  • Best-practice development
  • Improved data evaluation and collecting

Sulphur Springs Community School

Support school, engagement and partnerships.

  • Focus Birth – 8th grade
  • Child-focused education model & family engagement
  • Tipping point 60% of neighborhood
  • Community, social services, and district partnerships

Private/Charter Schools

Support high-impact schools serving low-income children to learn strategies that increase graduation rates, post-secondary education, and career success.

  • Focus K – 12th grade
  • Facilitated peer exchange
  • Support select schools
  • Communicate findings take to scale

Public School Pilot

Support the development of a model for replication that focuses on a Birth – 5th grade pipeline.

  • Focus Birth – 5th grade
  • Positive tipping point
  • Parent engagement
  • School leadership

Education-Related Programming

Conn Foundation Board and Staff

Support select education-related programs that align with and inform the Foundation’s pipeline initiatives.

Capacity Building Initiatives

Conn Foundation Board & Staff

Provide leadership, support and advocacy.

  • Networking
  • Staff Leadership of Early Education
  • School-based initiatives

Nonprofit Leadership Center of Tampa Bay & The University of Tampa Nonprofit Certificate Program

Strengthen the operations of nonprofits and schools by providing professional education and development to leaders.

  • Board Development
  • Marketing
  • Executive Leadership
  • Finance
  • Fund Development


  • Social Emotional Growth in Children & Youth
  • Increased Educational Achievement
  • Successful Leaders in Hillsborough County’s Nonprofits & Schools